About Fuel

The Fuel brand was built from the young and hungry counter culture of the early 1990s, all which had a burning desire to push themselves and the action sports beyond the edge.  Not settling for mediocrity, Fuel created a brand that takes chances, pushes the envelope and never takes no for answer.  
The company was established on these principles and Fueling the fire within ourselves.  Fuel’s foundation was built on supporting the Skate, Snow, Surf, Moto, Music and Racing lifestyle since our 1992 inception.  These core elements bring our clothing brand together and enable us to Fuel the fire within each and every one of us.
The essence of Fuel is to make apparel for those whose passion burns deep inside and can only be satisfied by living life to the fullest.  The Fuel family understands that the needs and designs best come from ones who live it and breathe it every day.  What’s your Fuel? 


The Fuel Story began when two childhood friends, Shane Levi Gould (Pro Snowboarder) & Buster Halterman (Pro Skateboarder) were out traveling the world as professional athletes.  We would still cross paths from time to time, whether it was Skating, Snowboarding, MX or Surfing.  It was clear we both possessed the passion to push ourselves as far as we could, hence the “Fueling the fire” notion was born.  Back then the action sports were not even on the radar and often looked down upon, but being different was how we did everything!
April 16th of 1992, we sat down and wrote out our plan to Fuel the world.  The Fuel’s DNA has not changed since the start like many of our competitors.  A Start up $1200.00 between the two of us was going to make this an uphill battle all the way. This is where reality started to set in and Fuel our fire. 
Fuel’s production began with a couple of tees, hats and stickers, that summer we headed to Mt. Hood and to Woodward.  The name Fuel was born!  Lucky for us we had lots of pros and bros that supported our dream.
After packing boxes in Buster’s room, and shipping out of his parents house, we needed to make a move.  So we packed up and moved down south into the back of my fathers garage. Which was full of engines and race car parts which didn't bother us because it was Fuel.  Still living the dream as a pro athletes we both traveled and Fuel was our moonlight gig, but not for long.  It all started with one shop, which lead to another, then selling Fuel to places I have never been around the globe.
After the first couple years into it Buster decided to pursue other dreams and skateboarding, I stayed on course and never looked back through the worst of times and the best of times, and there have been plenty of them along the way.  We still keep in touch, are true to our roots, and both still Fueling the fire to this day.