About Fuel

The Fuel brand was built from the young and hungry counter culture of the early 1990s, all which had a burning desire to push themselves and the action sports beyond the edge.

Not settling for mediocrity, Fuel created a brand that takes chances, pushes the envelope and never takes no for answer. The company was established on these principles and Fueling the fire within ourselves.

Fuel’s foundation was built on supporting the Skate, Snow, Surf, Moto, Music and Racing lifestyle since our 1992 inception.

These core elements bring our clothing brand together and enable us to Fuel the fire within each and every one of us.

The essence of Fuel is to make apparel for those whose passion burns deep inside and can only be satisfied by living life to the fullest. The Fuel family understands that the needs and designs best come from ones who live it and breathe it every day.

What’s your Fuel?